About Us

Sarah, Elliot, Giuliana and Gunner are pleased to have you visiting our site! Our small, family owned company started out by finding and flipping old antiques and rustic furniture. We loved Keeping the old, rustic Character of every piece we came across, thus giving our little company a name, Keeping Character. Then, when it became time to start planning and decorating our own wedding, we began to realize how stressful the entire process was! From pricey floral that would not last long after our wedding day to miscellaneous decorations costing thousands that we would only need for one day and have to try selling later on. Not to mention the chaos of setting it all up in just a few short hours on our Wedding Day AND cleaning it all up in the middle of the night after the party. So, we decided to start helping every bride and groom we could by taking away the immense stress of setting everything up and taking it all back down on their wedding day.